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When and Where
  • 11/19/2019 11:30 AM PST
  • 11/19/2019 11:45 AM PST
  • GoToWebinar Event

Sales growth is tedious and slow. The selling cycle in graphic arts is typically 3-6 months, so the work you do this fall won't result in sales success until the winter of 2020 is over. That being the case, it is important to concentrate sales efforts on repeatable applications, thus shortening the time between, "Hi, my name is..." and "Thank you for the order!" Focusing on a particular vertical market (banks, hospitals, hospitals, etc.) by becoming a subject matter expert requires knowing more than their print needs. Sales people must delve into their business needs and come up with print solutions, thus avoiding the price objection entirely. This presentation covers eight of the top verticals and is a must for sales people and selling owners looking for significant sales growth.